BREAKING: Wikileaks reveals Hillary Clinton ordered Kim Kardashian jewellry-robbery


Former first lady filches – Hillary Clinton appears to have ordered now famous Kim Kardashian heist.A

At the beginning of the month Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint while staying in a luxury hotel in Paris. The men, who were wearing police uniforms, entered the apartment, pointed a gun at Kim Kardashian and proceeded to steal jewellery worth millions of dollars. The viscous robbery got global coverage and led many to question whether celebrities should tighten their security even further.

Nothing has been known about the perpetrator of the intimidating heist and many have assumed that they were simply a bunch of French career criminals – but now shocking new information has been uncovered that thrusts this seemingly minor heist into a bizarre dimensions. Wikileaks, the global organisation that seeks to expose corruption has throughout the week released damning Emails from inside Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The information hidden in the E-mails has been severe and damaging, but they’ve been strictly political – until now. In a new batch of emails released on Friday afternoon, some moreĀ entertainment-related reveals have been made.

In an email dated 29th of September, it becomes obvious that Hillary Clinton herself ordered the robbery on Kim Kardashian. This is the email that Clinton sent to Podesta, her campaign manager:

I’m tired of the uppity Armenian. She’s been speaking about voting for T with her freak “dad”. I want to send her a message. Kim K will be staying in Paris next week. I want five or six guys, only the most valuable stuff, no bodily harm, but gun, please gun. Give her a real fright.

The email comes only days after it the press revealed that Kim had been in talks about voting for Trump with her father Caitlyn Jenner, or “freak dad” as Hillary affectionally refers to her as. Many believe that in anger at hearing about this, Hillary ordered this strike to take place.

The email is extremely damning to Hillary and her campaign and will no doubt launch a criminal investigation. It is unclear as to why Clinton would think it a good idea to order an attack on one of her most influential reporters, but many who know her personally speak of an “inner rage” that causes her to act irrationally – perhaps Kim Kardashian became the latest victim of this infamous state of mind.

The Kardashian camp has not yet commented the leaks and neither has the Clinton campaign, but we’re certain that we’re only seeing the start of an extremely messy scandal.

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