After Divorce: Brangelina returning adoptive children to home countries


Divorce shatters the Pitt family –¬†Brangelinas’ batch of adopted children are being sent back.¬†

After a 11-year old love affair that was born out of an on-set tryst, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have filed for divorce. The Hollywood A+-listers, renowned for starring in some of the most successful blockbusters in the past three decades and celebrated for their humanitarian work, have reached a fork in the road and are going their separate ways. Reasons for the seemingly sudden break up are yet unclear, but the effect that this will no doubt have on the family and its members emotional state is unequivocal. Up until this morning it had been unclear as to what would happen with the couples’ six children following this rupturing event, but during a noon press conference held at the Pitt family home, a shocking revelation was made: three of the children, those who are adopted from Cambodia and Vietnam, are to be sent back to their home countries and terminate all contact with their adoptive parents.
Maddox Chivan (15) and Zahara Marley (11), siblings adopted from Cambodia and Pax Thien(13), adopted from Vietnam are thus to be sent back to their respective orphanages and will cease to be the official children of the couple.

This astounding announcement has inflamed the internet and the official statement issued by Pitt and Jolie does little to alleviate the anger:

In light of our divorce and the symbolical destruction that has on the Brangelina brand and image, we have decided that it is no longer viable or even necessary for us to project humanitarian values to the same degree. As we are no longer a unit, it doesn’t make that much sense to keep caring for adoptive children as the perception of us as being a morally supreme and philantropically excellent power couple has already been razed. We’ve come to actually like the children over these many years and will be quite sad to see them go, but we feel we’ve at least imbued these Orientals with a slice of “the good life” as it were. We wish them a good life and hope they enjoyed the Brangelina experience.

The three children will be flown back to the jungles of South East Asia sometime in November and will effectively return to a life orphanhood and poverty.
The three remaining children, who’re the couples’ biological offspring, will remain in their care but their living arrangements are yet unknown.

As mentioned, the internet has already been set ablaze by this callous announcement. Many are calling for child protective services to be called in to take care of the three now orphans, but Pitt and Jolie are within their legal right to disown the children and return them to their country of origin.

What will happen next remains to be seen, but it’s not a stretch to say that Pitt and Jolie have done irreperable damage to their image as well as their marriage

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