The Harley Quinn in ‘Suicide Squad’ is not plus size and here’s why that’s a problem


I’m literally shaking right now. This was supposed to be the movie where comic book movies entered the future – this was supposed to be the film where the old, sexist ways of the superhero genre were flushed away and replaced with a new, tolerant, LGBT-friendly brand of kick-assery – but NO, instead the stupid backwards hicks working at DC comics have decided to turn this into yet another misogynistic, sexist piece of trash that will have teenage boys drooling and people who don’t fit into the Patriarchy’s ideals of beauty feeling left out and like they don’t belong.

I was really happy at first – happy that DC would make a movie in which not only male superheroes (or anti-heroes) were featured. I was especially excited about Harley Quinn starring in the movie as she is hands down my favorite character because of her sass. I have hated DC for years for not including stronger, fiercer more independent female superheroes in their movies and when I heard about the Suicide Squad movie coming out, I just knew that DC had listened to us feminists. I mean after Box Office failures like Green Lantern and the latest Spiderman film, you can’t really expect DC to want to completely reinvent the franchaise and infuse some female power in it. And that’s what I truly thought they were going to do, until I saw the trailer for the film yesterday (Yeah I know I’m late but I don’t spend my time nerding around on the internet like you guys), so anyway, what I saw, was HORRIFYING, fucking HORRIFYING!

I can’t believe I thought things were heading in the right direction. I can’t believe I let my hopes up. I can’t believe I let them think that things were going to get better. There she was, the woman who was supposed to play the fab Harley Quinn and turn the superhero franchaise into a modern, gender conscious, feminist one – Margot Robbie – a White, skinny, conventionally pretty woman.


Arrrgghhh. it makes me so angry that DC comics would even consider depicting Harley Quinn that way after all the pressure they’ve been put under by feminists. YES we wanted a Harley Quinn movie, but NOT. LIKE. THIS! Margot Robbie is a perfect example of a bone thin, skinny woman without any curves or shapes. Her body, along with DC’s decision to create it, is incredibly fatphobic and tells women that if they want to feel like they’re represented in the movie, they have to weigh 90 pounds and have a svelte physique. EXCUSE ME DC, who’re you to tell women that they have to be a size zero to be able to be an superhero? I know plenty of big, strong, fabulous women who can perform amazing jumps and movement and who can do all sorts of parkour stuff like Harley Quinn can. Do you mean to tell them that they don’t matter?

DC, you had the perfect opportunity to depict bigger, plus sized Harley Quinn in this movie. You had the chance to break the old stale fatphobic beauty standards in the movie industry and make a lot of big women happy in the process. You could have made Harley a big, plus sized beautiful woman who goes against the cookie cutter beauty standards – but instead you chose to play it safe and go with a skinny British (or whatever) bitch. This is not okay DC. This is NOT fucking OKAY! You don’t care about gender equality. You don’t care about women. You don’t care about body acceptance. You just care about making the most money possible using skinny model bodies and exploiting the female figure.Why not cast Melissa McCarthy next time? She kicks ASS!

I think ALL bodies deserve to be depicted in movies and until DC starts depicting Harley Quinn as a plus sized woman in their movies they should be boycotted by anyone who cares about gender equality.

I want to start a movement, a movement that promotes the right for bigger women’s bodies to be represented in the superhero movies. Let’s put some pressure on these a ssholes and maybe we can get a strong, fierce, fab and big woman to play Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad 2. I’m like officially starting this hashtag right now:

#BiggerHarley tweet under it to protest against what they’ve done with Harley Quinn and talk to me!  The fatphobia in the movie industry. NOW!

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15 Comments on "The Harley Quinn in ‘Suicide Squad’ is not plus size and here’s why that’s a problem"

  1. This is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever fucking read.

  2. do you actually think that someone who’s kicking ass, and incredibly acrobatic, would be overweight at all?
    have you ever seen female parkour artists

  3. Autism speaks. Its time we listened.

  4. Is she even serious, she said Spider-Man was a part if the DC franchise. And if she isn’t a part of the Fandom. What the hell is she to know anything about DC OR HARLEY. Plus Green Lantern wasn’t that bad of a sell. It didn’t go over the charts, but it had enough interest, people were excited. It was enough for one movie. Even if there may be a reboot. Spider-Man, not DC, made a lot of money to, they’re making another one. So WTF?

  5. Gilbert Ybarra | August 27, 2015 at 3:24 am | Reply

    Lady, I hope you realize that this is going to get you nowhere, you ignorant fuck. Apparently you never got the fact that Harley was never fat, or should I say “plus sized”, in the first place. But of course, you should know that which is why this is the most fucking dumbest piece of feminist bullshit I have ever heard. So shut the fuck up and live with it. No one cares for yourstupid ass boycott against a fucking MOVIE. Again, a MOVIE! Jesus Christ, go stuff your sad face and stop getting on the internet. It’s not a place for people like you.

  6. Kenneth Adams | August 28, 2015 at 8:25 pm | Reply

    Cassidy, simply put, here’s the facts that you’re missing.

    1. Sex sells – While it is possible for bigger women to be sexy, I, myself find them very attractive, the typical “pretty girl” goes farther to get people interested in a movie than a bigger, yet still beautiful, woman does. That’s just the way it is. DC could, indeed, cast a Plus-Sized woman as Harley but, in their eyes, that would be like them saying, “Instead of making $400,000,000 with this movie we only want to make $150,000,000. (If it isn’t obvious the numbers are just an example.)

    2. The term “Super Hero/Villain” conjures images in people’s head of extremely fit and acrobatic people. Extremely fit and acrobatic people are usually not Plus-Sized. The opposite is most often the case. Yes, I agree that bigger people can, indeed, be just as acrobatic as anyone else but that’s not what people think of when you say “Super Hero/Villain”.

    3. This is just a movie. It is for entertainment ONLY. If people, I assume you since you’re so bent out of shape about it, watch this movie and see an extremely fit and attractive woman cast in the leading role and then make assumptions about your own place in society that is their own fault. Movies should always be taken as what they are, interesting stories told through visual media for the general public enjoyment. Anything else is your own brain’s doing.

    4. No one cares what some random chick on the internet thinks about DC’s decision to cast a “pretty girl” as Harley Quinn, least of all, DC themselves. Every major company in the world, not just movie companies, knows that they will have detractors, people who’s goals are to cost them as much money as possible. They are adequately and adeptly prepared to deal, or ignore, such detractors.

    5. You’re being a blatant hypocrite with this article. You drone on about DC’s decision to cast a pretty girl as Harley Quinn yet I bet you’re also one of those women that swoons every time you watch Thor and see Chris Hemsworth without his shirt on. In fact, I’m even willing to bet it doesn’t even have to be a man cast as a super hero that gets your blood pumping. Any good looking man with six-pack abs, defined chest and bulging biceps sends tingles up and down your spine yet you complain when DC casts a woman in the main role that will do a similar thing to men as those good looking men do for you.

    Lastly I will just say, your opinion is valid, you do have the right to feel however you want to feel about whatever you want to feel it about. It’s your presentation that leaves one feeling robbed for having spent the time reading your article. The image of you that I got after reading this was of a teen girl that just got griped out by her parents and went to her room to write an “It’s unfair!” entry in her journal. Unfortunately, life IS unfair.

  7. You guys know this was a joke article, right?

  8. To the chick who wrote this article, Cassidy Boon you’re a hypocrite. You say you’re a feminist yet you’re totally bashing on Margot Robbie just because she’s skinny. How is that any different from people who bash on other people for being fat? It’s OK to finally have a role for a female as long as that role goes to a plus size female? Who died and made you queen of comics. I’m glad they stayed true to the character. Harley Quinn is not plus size in the comics so go troll your feminist bullshit elsewhere.

  9. I’m no expert, but…isn’t spiderman marvel? Lol

  10. Don’t take these comments from men as any kind of sexist propaganda…
    From one (plus sized) woman to another: This is the most ignorant, unfounded load of garbage I have possibly EVER read, internet or otherwise.
    First of all, get your fuckin facts straight, chick. Spider-Man is a Marvel character. Marvel, in case you weren’t aware of this, is a COMPLETELY different comics company. As a matter of fact, they are the ONLY major comics company in competition with DC Comics.
    Secondly, neither DC nor Amy other comics company should have to abide by your standards of “feminism” or a “progressive” agenda. Their jobs are not to campaign for the representation of the everyday woman, or the everyday anything, for that matter. They write about superheroes and supervillains. Their sole purpose of existence is solely to produce fantasy material that IS NOT representative of the everyday person… That’s why most characters have fucking superpowers.
    Furthermore, rather than bash DC for failing to present us with a “plus sized” Harley Quinn, perhaps you should find a little common sense in that fucked up head of yours and commend them for representing the ACTUAL Harley Quinn. Her comic book character is not, and has never been plus sized. DC did it perfectly… They cast a character in true representation of her comic origins.
    Rather than spout such gross ignorance in the name of “feminism”, perhaps you should endeavour to learn a little insight into what the real world is like, combat issues that actually exist, and leave the fictional universe of comics to those of us who actually know something.
    You, my dear, are what’s truly disgraceful about our society.

  11. This movie wasn’t made for you. You can’t hate on someone else’s hard work just because they didn’t go out of their way to feature a character you can relate to. Do you see an Asian American lead? Stop thinking about yourself. You should be ashamed.

  12. You’ve loved her because of her sass? But of course you completely glossed over the fact she was a doctoral candidate, and an accomplished gymnast. Oh, wait, I forgot, you “know plenty of big, strong, fabulous women who can perform amazing jumps and movement and who can do all sorts of parkour stuff like Harley Quinn can.” No. You don’t. You’re a liar. And Spiderman is a Marvel franchise, not DC. If you can’t even fact check your little rant, I’m guessing doctoral candidacy isn’t for you.

  13. This is definitely a case of a woman feeling inadequate and blaming her problems on Hollywood and other people, based on perception of a fictional character.
    I thought you people were supposed to be jolly.

  14. Enzio Bromide | August 29, 2015 at 8:07 pm | Reply

    And yet, somehow, life goes on…

  15. Maria Robinson | August 29, 2015 at 8:19 pm | Reply

    And what kind of strong feminist turns her back on her career and her morals to become a stooge for her kinda/sorta boyfriend? Oh right. A hypocritical one.

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