31-year old British actor Theo James confirmed as the new Bond


Divergent~Dude lands Bond role.

Ever since the news of Daniel Craigs departure from the beloved 007~franchise, rumours have run rampant as to who will replace him on the Throne of Spies. Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston have been among the primary candidates proffered by the eager internet community, but it seems those who were crossing their fingers for anyone in that trio will now be sorely disappointed. However, if you enjoyed the Divergent trilogy, this English spy~pick will have you chuffed. It just so happens to be that 31~year old English actor Theo James, known primarily from the aforementioned dystopian films, has officially been announced to be the new James Bond. The first film starring the actor will be released in Febuary 2017 and three consecutive Bond~flicks are outlined in his contract. The star said in a private press~conference held on Sunday morning that he was “surprised, but honoured to take on this opportunity”

When my agent called and first told me that I was being considered for the Bond~role, I almost fell off my chair. But it is one of those roles that I have dreamt of playing ever since I was a little kid and I had to go for the audition. It seems it paid off and it feels like I am dreaming. This will be a blast.

The pre~production of the 25th Bond movie will begin in August and Theo James will begin filming in September. Not much is known about the story of the future film, but with the news of Theo as bond, fans yearning might have been alleviated.

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