David Cameron: “We have to accept at least 1 million refugees before the end of this year”


Prime minister David Cameron has big goals for the admission of refugees – the goal is to grant a million refugees asylum before the start of 2016

The World is facing its biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Millions of refugees are on their way North from war torn Syria and Africa to seek asylum in European countries. Everyone does not suceed, but sink to the bottom of the Medditerrenean after having travelled in sub-par boats. Britains political parties have differing ideas as to how to handle the crisis but have not yet produced any concrete information as to how many Britain could potentially let into the country – until today. During a pressconference at Westminister earlier this morning, David Cameron told the British people about what’s ahead of us.

You’ve all seen the pictures from the Medditerrenean and you know something has to be done – NOW! We, the government, have long discussed our responsibility in this matter and if we’re to continue to be an open and just society, we have calculated that we’ll have to accept at least 1 million refugees into the country before the end of the year. This is the time to open our hearts – this is the time to let a million people – the population of a big British city, to come in and be granted asylum. 50 thousand is not enough, not when you see such horrific pictures – I heard Germany were taking 800 000 and we have to beat them because remember how they’re not the good guys, but we are, so we’re going for a million. Britian will be the most tolerant country on Earth, we’ll even beat Sweden.”

Cameron’s statement was met with a barrage of questions from journalists, all asking where the refugees are to stay. This is how Cameron responded.

We’re initiating a Project that we call “Operation Move People” where we will try to raise the rent of apartments in London to such a high extent that Brits won’t be able to afford living there, then we’ll turn those apartments into refugee apartments for those who need it the most. What we’ll see is a much more colourful London by the start of 2016.”

The plan has garnered huge criticism from people who’re of the opinion that such huge immigration is not viable.

Nigel Farage of UKIP had this to say:

There is no possible way that we can handle a million people in less than 3 months. The chaos ahead will be unprecedented.”

In order to fund the refugee help, regular Britains will have to pay higher taxes, starting from October 1st.

The first wave of immigrants are expected to reach the UK in the middle of September and will be followed by another million. To discuss the new refugee plans, tweet under the hashtag #1Million>



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