Activists have written “Refugees Welcome” on the White Cliffs of Dover – With non-removable paint

Dover, UK – The World is facing its biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Millions of refugees are on their way North from war torn Syria and Africa to seek asylum in European countries. Everyone does not suceed, but sink to the bottom of the Medditerrenean after having travelled in sub-par boats. Britains political parties have differing ideas as to how to handle the crisis and are still deliberating on how many to let into the country.

Now it appears some British activists have taken action into their own hands and have actually graffitied the white cliffs of dover with 50 feet high letter spelling “refugees welcome“. It was at 16:35 today that calls came from across the English channel, in France, about red letters on the White Cliffs of Dover. Representatives of the local council went by car out to the cliffs expecting to perhaps find some political banner, but what they found was that someone had painted huge letters on the cliffs welcoming refugees to on what will most probably be the first thing they see as they arrive in Britain. The letters are painted in a way such as to make it impossible to remove them with water – the council have no idea how they will be able to remove the graffiti.

I’m not saying I don’t agree with the message, but for God’s sake, you can’t just take the liberty to paint across one of the most iconic rock formations in Britain. That is very irresponsible and it will probably cost us millions of pounds to remove these – money that could have gone to the reception of refugees.

says Donna Stramthwaite of the Dover council.

Locals are not happy about the graffiti either.

“How dare they deface the cliffs, I don’t care about the message, but this is vandalism!”

says Robert Syke, a man who lives only a few hundred yards from the cliffs.

No groups have yet come forward and claimed responsible for the vandalism, but we will update you as soon as further details emerge. In the meantime, tweet under #DoverDefaced.



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