Texas hunter accidentally shoots wife thinking she was a buffalo


Everything must be bigger in Texas…- Texan hunter mistakes his wife for a buffalo and shoots her to death 

At 5:30 am this morning, a 911 call was placed from just outside Ballinger in central Texas. A 61-year old man, audibly distressed, told 911 dispatchers that “he was so sorry” and that “he thought she was a buffalo“. After the 911 respondents were able to calm the man down, he was able to explain that he’d gone out for some routine morning hunting before breakfast, looking to fell some small game and potentially a feral pig. About an hour into his hunting session, the man had seen a big figure moving among the trees. It was still dim outside, but the hunter soon became sure that it was a buffalo, an extremely rare animal in the parts in which he lives.

I seen this big clumsy thing rustling the leaves over by some bushes quite a bit away. It was still a little dark so I couldn’t make it out completely, but it really looked like a buffalo, let me tell you that. I got really excited and could hardly stop myself from aiming and firing on what I thought was a big ole beast. When I went up to it I realized it was my sweet Bertha, dead.” says the man to a local Texas newspaper.

Yes you read that right – the hunter shot and killed his wife thinking she was a buffalo. Local law enforcement arrived at the scene soon after the shooting but according to deputy Mark Kemp, there’s no crime suspected.

This appears to be a tragic accident and we don’t believe there was any intention to kill the wife, I hate to joke about this, but this might have been avoided if we began caring more about the obesity epidemic in this country.

Technicians at the scene noted a gunshot wound between the eyes of the 59-year old woman and state that she died instantly upon impact of the bullet, the body is now to be transported by forklift to Ballinger and then to Austin for an autopsy.

The hunter will be taken to the police station for some mandatory paperwork but is suspected to be released, and given time to grieve, as early as this afternoon.

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